Beet-Ginger-Lemon Kombucha in front of terrapin stained glass


Our fermentation journey started with kombucha, which we highly recommend to everyone interested in a healthy gut biome. We made a few 5-gallon beer kits. Now we’re making hard kombucha and hard ginger beer with champagne yeast.


Kombucha is so easy to make, delicious and healthy! Do you like sweet tea? Then you might like kombucha! Kombucha is just fermented sweet tea. Just add the scoby and some starter to your sweet tea, similar to making sourdough, and wait 7-14 days! Voila! You have kombucha! It’s delicious over ice at this stage too, but we like to add flavor and carbonate to make it extra refreshing!

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Ginger Beer

We developed a taste for drinking ginger beer somewhere, and were happy to take on the challenge of making our own! We wanted ours to have alcohol, so we did some online research. We used the champagne yeast that we had from making hard kombucha, but we want to try to start over with ale yeast to see if we like that better.

Click here for details on how we make hard ginger beer.